Thought #2 | That Song


I already really liked that song.

When I closed my eyes I already saw the rain and felt the cool air on the nape of my neck. It already took me to a place where I could smell the late night, late summer air and the way it filled my lungs and I knew that I’d be 23 forever because that song would always take me there.

We were in a hurry. We ran from the marquee.

The ground was muddy and the neon lights from the t-shirt vendors and pop-up bars were reflected in the tiny puddles that had collected in the grooves left behind by hundred’s of pairs of wellington boots. The Sunday morning was only minutes old and we were 23.

The crowd poured out of each side of the tent and we were about to squeeze our way through when I heard it begin.

And then I felt the rain. I felt the cool air on the nape of neck. I could smell the late night, late summer air and the way it filled my lungs. I looked at the both of you and we knew then that we would be 23 forever, because that song would always take us there.

I closed my eyes. I faced the sky. I sang along.

I was there.

I really like that song.



Thought # 1 | Running

mitchell-orr-222165.jpgWhen I was young I never liked to run.

When the teacher blew the whistle I would walk to the line having spent my hour beneath the tree by the playground fence, talking to my friends about things in the news that scared us or watching the boys in our class run around after the other girls, the nicer girls, the girls who loved to run.

As I grew up I learned to love running, too. I learned to run without ever moving my feet. I loved to get as close as I could and then as far away as possible; to chase and then be chased.

The years ran by too, and with every race I won I found only a new starting line, another whistle blown, another face on the terrace watching as I ran away.

I glued the medals in a scrapbook; the envelopes resealed, my name in black ink.
No postal address. No stamp.

And, now, I try my best to be still.

My mind no longer runs. Though she wanders from time to time.